Air Compressor Suppliers and Dealers in Chennai

BAC is a leading supplier of a vast array of air compressors in Chennai, India. Be it domestic or industrial purposes, we are committed to fulfilling the growing need of energy resources in the form of compressed air, at the right pressure. The range of BAC air compressor supplies includes Small Portable air Compressors, Reciprocating Heavy Duty Industrial Air Compressors, Pet Bottling Air Compressor (Pet Compressor), Industrial Air Compressor, Screw Air Compressors, Borewell Compressor, Small air compressor, Rotary screw compressor and Piston compressor. BAC Compressor as leading presence in Chennai, India

Our Products & services:

Reciprocating air compressor dealers.

BAC Compressors is one of the very few reciprocating compressor suppliers in Chennai that provides quality air performance standards over decades. Our reciprocating compressor are classified into industrial air compressor, portable compressor, pet compressor and borewell compressor.

Industrial air compressor suppliers

BAC’s Industrial air compressor are built with durability and efficiency. Comparing with other industrial compressor dealers in Chennai, BAC supplies the most cost efficient industrial air compressor with highest quality standards.

Portable air compressor dealers and suppliers

Based on the highest demand in market, Small compressor or portable compressor are manufactured by BAC Compressors.Now we are one among the top industrial suppliers of portable compressor in Chennai.

Borewell Compressor in Chennai

BAC is the Leading dealer and suppliers of monoblock compressor, single phase compressor and borewell compressor in Chennai. BAC compressors manufactures and supplies borewell compressors with depth range from 50 feet to 1500 feet.

Screw air compressor suppliers and Dealers in Chennai.

BAC compressors is the best rated dealer of Rotary screw compressor (range from 7.5 HP to 60HP) in Chennai, India.



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