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  • 1 HP Borewell

    1 HP Borewell

    BAC MT 100 monoblock compressors are made designed specifically for household uses. These compressors are coaxil type meaning they have motor attached to the crank shaft directly, leading to a very compact size and can fit in the smallest spaces. These compressors are designed to start in low voltage conditions as well making it an ideal compressor for small households.



    • Heavy Duty Crankcase
    • Aluminium oil level sight glass
    • Shell moulded cylinders
    • Larger Fan Cooling area
    • Continuous operation worthy
    • Original SKF Bearings
    • Adjustable motor bed for aligning
    • Thick valve blades for enhanced life
    • IPL rings prevents excessive oil carryover
    • Long life fenner belts

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