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What We Do

  1. BAC is a air compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore. BAC compressor is an leading manufacturers & suppliers of a wide range of compressor. Our products are Small Portable Compressors, Reciprocating Heavy Duty Industrial Compressors, Pet Bottling Compressor (Pet Compressor), Industrial Air Compressor and Screw Compressors.
  2. Portable compressor types like Oil lubricated portable compressors and Oil free portable compressors comes with a range of 0.5HP to 2.5HP. Portable compressor are manufactured with light weight and are handy for painting and DIY uses.
  3. BAC Reciprocating Compressors are made with the finest quality materials available from the top brands. Our Piston compressor designs are unique and are capable for heavy duty operations in the harshest of conditions. Reciprocating Compressor Ranges from 0.5HP to 20HP and they are mostly industrial compressors.
  4. Our Pet Compressors serve many pet bottling industries in India. Pet compressors operate with 15HP and 20HP speed. Customised Pet compressor of higher HP can be made on order basis. Pet compressors can operate upto 40bar pressure.
  5. BAC has recently launched with its screw compressor for the Indian market. There are 2 different models of screw compressor, one having fixed speed and other having variable speed. Our ranges start from 7.5HP to 60HP.
  6. We have pride in what we do, BAC is one of the very few air compressor manufacturers in India that actually manufactures air compressors. All the other air compressor manufacturers source almost all the components leaving nothing to be made in house. BAC has its own foundry, machine shop and assembly units to keep outsourcing to a minimum and ensure highest possible quality. We are proud to call our self as a leading air compressor manufacturers and suppliers in Coimbatore.

Dealer Network

BAC is also backed up by hundreds for air compressor dealers all over India. All our dealers are well educated about our compressors and are capable of providing service. We have good reputation among all dealers as a trusted air compressor suppliers.

Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating compressor are commonly called as piston compressor. BAC is one of the few reciprocating compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore that manufacturers most of its parts in-house. In a compressor more than 70% of its weight is made of Cast Iron. At BAC Compressor we make sure that we manufacture all of the Cast Iron parts compared to the other reciprocating compressor manufacturers who tend to outsource them from low quality suppliers. We ensure only the top quality reciprocating air compressor manufacturer parts make it into the assembly line to ensure proper standards are maintained.Our components meet strict tolerance parameters with the help of CNC machining centres.

Industrial Compressors

(1HP - 20HP)

BAC’s Industrial air compressor manufacturers are built with two goals in mind “durability” and “efficiency”. Our industrial compressor are a creation of over 30 years of field testing and countless design changes. Today BAC compressors have evolved along with the modern times and practices by adopting the latest techniques and processes in manufacturers of industrial compressor. Our industrial air compressor manufacturers are unique in many ways from design perspective and efficiency perspective. Our industrial compressor stands out compared to the other competitors with uniform appearance and uniform specification.Features of industrial air compressor manufacturers involves shell moulded cylinder, heavy duty crankcase, CNC machine honed cylinder, CNC machined castings, larger cooling fan size, low maintenance cost and downtime.

industrial air compressor manufacturers & suppliers Coimbatore

Portable Compressors

Portable compressor are BAC’s reply to the markets demand for compressors that are small, economical, reliable, portable and easy to maintain. Portable compressor manufacturers delivers compressor in two models namely oil lubricated and oil free and also have a variety of tank sizes. Our Portable air compressors are designed specifically for people on the move. It features an outlet with a pressure regulator to adjust according to particular needs, an aluminium crankcase body to lower overall weight, cast iron cylinders for better compressor life, thermal overload protectors for the motor and a high grade plastic cover to direct airflow for cooling.

Portable compressor manufacturers

Borewell Compressor & Pumps

(1HP - 15HP)

A Borewell compressor pump works by forcing compressed air into bore through a pipe. The compressed air and water mix together resulting in a mixture that is less dense than the surrounding water and therefore flows upward through the pipe.BAC made its mark in India with manufacturers of borewell compressor pumps. BAC has been the tier one player in borewell compressor manufacturers since decades. We have supplied to customers with depths ranging from 50 feet to 1500 feet. Unlike other borewell compressor manufacturers we have special models for the borewell segment to obtain the maximum possible efficiency.

Borewell compressor manufacturers

Screw Compressors

Within few years of our screw air compressor launch our compressors have already fond many satisfied owners. Our rotary screw compressor manufacture range starts from 7.5HP to 60HP at the moment and we plan to expand our range to 100HP shortly. BAC provides both tank mounted screw air compressor manufacture units up to 20HP and floor mounted screw compressors manufacture from 7.5HP to 60HP. Most of the other screw air compressor manufacturers provide belt drive models which have a higher slip loss and quicker belt replacement times. On the flip side BAC screw compressor manufacture are all direct drive models and therefore have more efficient power transfer and also saves customer from recurring belt costs.

Air Compressor Manufacturers In Coimbatore

BAC Compressors is a forward-looking company and one of the very few air compressors manufacturers and suppliers in India with more than 35 years of presence and experience in the air compressor manufacturing industry. Located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu BAC Compressors is one of the leading air compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore. BAC Compressors is committed to attain world class standards in engineering excellence by bringing in superior quality air compressors. Started off with a production capacity of 300 Reciprocating compressors per annum in the year 1980.Thanks to our infrastructure upgrades and team of technical experts, today BAC Compressors has attained stratospheric heights with a production capacity of 8000 reciprocating compressors manufactured per annum. Our team of skilled professionals works constantly in R&D to improve the compressors energy efficiency and increase the life time of components.

Our Vision

air compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore

To be present wherever compressed air is required.

Our Mission

air compressor suppliers in Coimbatore

To deliver products based on the needs of our customers with good quality, at right price and good after sales service.


Yes. We ensure that quality is integral part of our products and hence we offer warranty to our products.
To know more details, please contact our support team at: +91 – 0422 – 2971901 / 2971902, and we are happy to assist you.

BAC Compressors allows you to place your order in many convenient ways:

  • Call our Marketing or Sales TeamTelephone, Landline: +91 – 0422 – 2971901 / 2971902, Mobile Phones: 9442626263
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Kindly fill the inquiry form or call our marketing team directly. We will be happy to show you around our facilities. We advise you to give us a day’s advance notice so we can make necessary arrangements to satisfy you to the fullest.

The advantages are many, including:

  • BAC Compressors’s require less maintenance and down time than others.
  • We ensure quality from end-to- end. Most of the components used are produced in-house without any compromise on quality aspects.
  • Our employees possess more than a decade long experience on an average and technically qualified.
  • Many of our satisfied customers vouch for us. Many of our orders come from referrals.
  • Enjoy considerable cost savings and reap better and faster ROI, as many of our customers do.

Our Customers

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Bharat Petroleum

    Bharat Petroleum

  • HP

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - MRF Tyres


  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Can Pack


  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Schlumberger

    Schlumberger Asia Services Limited

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Index Corporation

    IDEX Pumps (Ireland)

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Tata Hitachi

    Tata Hitachi Construction machinery pvt

  • KYB Conmat

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - CRI Pumps

    CRI Pumps

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Greaves Cotton

    Greaves Cotton Limited

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Schwing Stetter

    Schwing Stetter

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Indo Shell Cast

    Indo shell cast

  • Customers of BAC Compressors - Wasan Toyota

    Wasan Toyota

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Manufacturing design are unique and capable of performing heavy duty operation.Used at Machine Shops, Fabrication, Coating, Foundry, Textile and many other fields.

Reciprocating compressor suppliers

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