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    Reciprocating compressor are commonly called as piston compressor. BAC is one of the few reciprocating compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore that manufacturers most of its parts in-house. In a compressor more than 70% of its weight is made of Cast Iron. At BAC Compressor we make sure that we manufacture all of the Cast Iron parts compared to the other reciprocating compressor manufacturers who tend to outsource them from low quality suppliers. We ensure only the top quality reciprocating air compressor manufacturer parts make it into the assembly line to ensure proper standards are maintained.Our components meet strict tolerance parameters with the help of CNC machining centres.

    All our piston compressor manufacture maintain a constant chemical composition which is carefully monitored in our laboratory. The remaining piston compressor manufacturer parts are obtained from only the highest grade suppliers like skf, IPL, Crompton, L&T, Fenner, etc. We are one of the very few reciprocating compressor suppliers in Coimbatore that still provides standard over decades. Our reciprocating compressor are classified into industrial air compressor, portable compressor, pet compressor and borewell compressor.

    Manufactured Products

    1. Cylinder Head
    2. Middle Plate
    3. Cylinder
    4. After Cooler
    5. Inter Cooler
    6. Crankcase
    7. Breather
    8. Non Return Valve (NRV)
    9. Safety Valve
    10. Motor
    11. Air Receiver
    12. Fan With Pulley
    13. Oil Indicator
    14. Fan Guard
    15. Crank Shaft
    16. Counter Weight
    17. Connect Rod
    Piston Compressor manufacturers

    Outsourced Products

    Item Brand
    Belt Fenner make or equivalent
    Filter KLN or Fleetguard
    Pressure Control Switch Alfa
    Starter L&T
    Bearing SKF
    Piston & Rings IPL
    Pressure Gauge KEI or Baumer

    Reciprocating Compressor Types


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