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BAC compressor offers a complete line of air compressors including reciprocating compressors, borewell air compressors, screw air compressors and air accessories like driers and valves at comparatively low prices in Coimbatore. Our business span chemical, agricultural, domestic, automotive, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries. We meet domestic needs of compressed air as well. Our range of air compressors is built to stand up to many years of usage and service.

Alongside excellent quality, our air compressors come with the best and lowest price in Coimbatore, India. All the products are manufactured using the latest technologies to save labor, energy costs, and a boost in productivity. Our offerings do not stop here. We have the in-house manufacturing unit in Coimbatore and other major cities across the nation to design customized air compressors as well; that too at fair market price.

The combination of power, portability, reliability and affordable price make our air compressors stand out in the competitive air compressor manufacturing industry in Coimbatore. From large industrial air compressors to small valves and air accessories, we are the one-stop-solution for your air compressor needs in Coimbatore. We manufacture and supply air compressors at low cost in Coimbatore, India.

With different sizes, shapes and makes a huge variety of air compressors are available in the market. And before buying, it is mandatory to know few metrics. Here are few features to keep in mind while you buy an air compressor for your home or business.

1. Tank size

The larger the tank, the more pressurized air is available for output. The smaller the tank, the more the compressor has to work to keep up with the demand. Decide if your purpose requires a vertical or horizontal tank; this is determined by the physical location of the compressor and one’s personal preference.

2. Max Pressure

Many air compressors are manufactured for a psi between 90 and 100; meaning the air compressor should be a 7 bar.

3. Airflow (CFM) requirement

Cubic feet per minute or CFM is a measure of airflow the compressor can create. CFM is mentioned in two states: piston displacement (PD) or actual cubic feet per minute (acfm).

4. Usage of compressed air

The type of work decides the size of the compressor.

5. Compressor features

Look for features like minimal moving parts, splash lubrication, stainless steel finger valves, one-piece connecting rods, oil monitoring device, separate cast cylinders etc.

6. Electrical Requirements

Knowing the voltage will help you determine the horsepower capacity available without expensive modifications.



Traditionally scroll compressors are only used in the refrigeration field. These compressors have proven efficiency and are replacing reciprocating compressors due to their innate advantages. BAC is the first manufacture and bring scroll compressors into the air compressor market with their patented W Scroll airend

Noiseless Air Compressors


Reciprocating compressors use positive displacement for their ability to compress the small volume of air into high-pressure output. These are often available in a single stage or double stage models. Mostly, the power of the reciprocating compressor ranges from around 1-15HP. BAC manufactures both Industrial and Portable Reciprocating compressors at a lower price in Coimbatore. We also have supply chains for this durable and efficient reciprocating compressor at an affordable rate in Coimbatore, India. All our reciprocating compressors are ISO certified and our supply chain of reciprocating compressor spans all over the country. Compared to the competitors in the air compressor manufacturing, BAC compressor provides almost all variants of the reciprocating air compressor at a low price in Coimbatore.

Reciprocating air compressor price in Coimbatore


Rotary screw compressors rule the industrial market. These machines are built to run round the clock without consuming much energy. BAC manufactures and supplies fairly priced screw compressors of range the 7.5 HP -60HP in Coimbatore, India. With two variants – tank mounted and floor mounted we manufacture all direct drive models at a low price. The range of screw compressors we host in our in-house manufacturing unit is low cost yet highly efficient and durable. We manufacture both oil-injected and oil-free versions of screw compressors in Coimbatore and are the bestselling ones serving numerous industrial and domestic purposes.

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Screw compressor price in Coimbatore, India


Ideal for lifting water from bore wells we manufacture robust, durable, and comparatively low-cost borewell compressors in Coimbatore. Designed for domestic, industrial, and agricultural purposes, the borewell compressors are designed to draw water from greater depths. The flawless range of borewell compressors we manufacture and supply in Coimbatore is known for their sound design, reliable performance, and cheapest rate in Coimbatore, India. We manufacture borewell compressors of different sizes and capacity to meet the requirements of our customers in Coimbatore, India. All the borewell compressors are manufactured in-house and have undergone sophisticated testing standards to hit the market. We manufacture and supply both single phase borewell compressor and monoblock borewell compressor, at best price in Coimbatore.
There’s no minimum order with us. Customers can avail supreme quality and low-cost borewell compressors in Coimbatore from BAC. Easy installation, hassle-free operation and maintenance, high quality, and a low price when compared to other competitors – We have everything a customer will look for in a borewell compressor.

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Borewell compressor price


BAC’s line of industrial air compressors is designed for longer life, tougher performance, easy maintenance, and low price. Over 30 years of expertise in air compressor manufacturing enables us to produce versatile industrial compressors at low prices in Coimbatore. Our supply chain of industrial air compressors spans across the country. Dealers and customers trust BAC for all their air compressor needs because of reduced energy consumption, lower service requirements, stable air pressure, modular design, and cheapest price among other air compressors in the market. Our industrial compressor stands out compared to the other competitors with uniform appearance and uniform specification. We serve almost all industries in Coimbatore, India.

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Industrial air compressor price in Coimbatore


An air compressor without required air accessories is like a bullet-less gun. The right set of air accessories can significantly increase the efficiency and reduce associated cost. We manufacture a wide range of pneumatic products at low cost in Coimbatore. Automotive or Industrial need, BAC manufactures premium quality air accessories at a low price in Coimbatore, India. The air filters and driers we manufacture in-house in Coimbatore are the best-in-town air accessories to make any motor work effortlessly and efficiently. For best quality air accessories in an affordable rate, choose BAC compressors; we are the pioneers in air compressor and air accessory manufacturing in Coimbatore.

All the air accessories we manufacture have undergone numerous quality checks and are ISO certified. The price ranges we offer for air accessories in Coimbatore are the lowest in the city. When you think of buying low price and best quality air accessories in Coimbatore, think of BAC compressor.

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