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    BAC Compressors is a leading manufacturer of wide range of air compressors in Coimbatore. BAC offers customized compressor design for industrial, domestic and agricultural applications. Over decades of presence in compressor manufacture creates a brand exposed dealers of air compressor in India. BAC have wide range of products for different application such as inflating vehicle tires, spray painting, food processing industries, removing very fine particles from heavy machineries and farming operations of all types and sizes. We offer Reciprocating, Industrial, Screw, Portable, Borewell and High pressure air compressor at reasonable price. Get detailed specification and price list of air compressor in Coimbatore.


    Reciprocating Air Compressors

    Reciprocating air compressore Coimbatore

    Reciprocating or piston air compressors are designed for industrial environment. Piston compressor can withstand in harshest conditions. BAC reciprocating compressors are manufactured to meet the criteria, which made as to be leading suppliers of reciprocating compressor to the competitive market at affordable price.

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    Industrial Air Compressors

    Industrial air compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore

    Our experience and efficiency of compressor lead us to the top in the manufacturers of industrial air compressor in India. Countless design changes and adopting latest technique in industrial air compressor creates a Brand history among customers.

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    Portable Air Compressors

    small air compressor manufacturers

    Portable compressor or small air compressor an innovative manufacturers of BAC Compressors. Portable air compressor is the best choice for home/DIY use and painting on the go. The tank of portable air compressor can be customizable as of requirement.

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    Borewell Air compressors

    borewell compressor Coimbatore
    Borewell compressors are also named as Agriculture compressors. Keeping back bone of India as a mantra we have manufactured cost efficiency borewell air compressor to works on depth ranges from 50 feet to 1500 feet.

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    Screw Air Compressors

    Rotary screw compressor manufacturers

    Screw compressor is needed where large volume of compressed air is required. BAC screw compressor ranges from 7.5HP to 60HP. BAC compressor is one of the very few rotary screw air compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore to provide microcontroller to control the air pressure discharge and other performance of screw compressor.

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    Scroll Air Compressors

    Noiseless Air Compressor

    Traditionally scroll compressors are only used in the refrigeration field. These compressors have proven efficiency and are replacing reciprocating compressors due to their innate advantages. BAC is the first manufacture and bring scroll compressors into the air compressor market with their patented W Scroll airend

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