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    Monoblock Borewell  Air Compressor Pump Manufacturers In Coimbatore

    BAC compressor one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of  monoblock pumps in Coimbatore. The monoblock borewell air compressor pumps are designed by our quality experts with advanced features. BAC’s 1 HP borewell air compressor are energy efficient and compact in size.

    Design Advantage Of Monoblock Pumps

    BAC monoblock pumps are made from high quality parts and unique in design. In this design the motor and compressor shaft directly coupled hence it is also known as direct coupled compressor or coaxial compressor. BAC monoblock pumps are made for compact to fit in tight spaces compared to a traditional belt driven compressors. The fan blades are toughly sealed offering more safety to users. Unique in the industry BAC 1 hp borewell compressor offers focused cooling technology that focus cooling on the cylinder and head offering significantly longer operating cycles compared to other brands.

    Monoblock borewell compressor pumps manufacturers Coimbatore

    Functions Of Monoblock Borewell Air Compressor Pumps

    1 hp borewell air compressor pumps have been manufactured to draw water from the depth of 100-400 feet. Discharge capacity of water varies from depth of bore. Specially manufacturers to run effectively in the field of agriculture and domestic purpose. Our monoblock borewell air compressor pumps discharges water effectively at low power consumption. BAC compressors  monoblock air compressor have served  small and large homes for decades with reliability and customer satisfaction. BAC prominent manufacturers of 1 hp borewell air compressor at affordable cost.

    Advantage of 1 HP borewell compressor pumps

    1. Lower cost compared to a belt driven single cylinder borewell compressor
    1. BAC monoblock borewell compressor are 1:1 drive and are built for energy efficiency
    1. No Belt and pulley allows problem free operation
    1. Small in size allows it be placed in small areas such as under stair cases, etc.




    Large crankcase with sufficient space for splash lubrication

     Oil Level Indicator

    Aluminium die Casted oil indicator capable of withstanding high crankcase pressure

     Crank Case Bearing

    Large SKF Ball bearings.

     Crank Shaft

    SG crankshaft capable of withstanding continuous load

     Connecting Rod

    Forged steel connecting rods with roller bearing and having a SG iron dip stick for splash lubrication


     Shell Moulded grey iron casting with extra large fins for better cooling. The cylinder consists of a special diamond hatch pattern honing which allows the oil to stick around the inner walls while running reducing the friction and increased life.


    Aluminium Piston with capacity of holding 4 piston rings

     Piston Rings

     IPL make 1 compression ring, 1 scrubber ring and 2 oil ring assembled for better performance.

     Middle Plate

    Graded middle plate with both sides grounded using superior surface grinding operation to prevent any leakage of air during higher pressure and temperatures.

     Valve blades

    Special grade Stainless Steel valve blade for faster opening/closing during suction and delivery and to withstand at higher temperatures.

     Cylinder Head

    Large head fins for better cooling.

     Fan Pulley

     Large cooling fan which is dynamically balanced for lower vibrations.


    Inter Cooler made of Aluminium for faster cooling


    Large filters having a superior paper filter element and able to filter fine particles

    Types of Monoblock Air borewell compressors

    1HP Monoblock Borewell Compressor

    1 Hp Monoblock Borewell Compressor Pump

    1.5HP Monoblock Borewell Compressor

    Monoblock 1.5 HP Water Compessor Pump

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