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    5 HP Borewell Compressor Pumps

    BAC-D- 500 and BAC-TS- 500 are the star products of BAC Compressors and is highly demanded by customers all over India. It provides the highest discharge among all other competing brands and the most reliability. It is mainly used in the agricultural fields and it is capable to operate in punishing conditions where all other competitors fail. The BAC-TS- 500 model compressors have proven operations at 1200 feet bore depths at ideal working conditions.



    • Heavy Duty Crankcase
    • Aluminium oil level sight glass
    • Shell moulded cylinders
    • Larger Fan Cooling area
    • Continuous operation worthy
    • Original SKF Bearings
    • Adjustable motor bed for aligning
    • Thick valve blades for enhanced life
    • IPL rings prevents excessive oil carryover
    • Long life fenner belts

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