Air Accessories

BAC compressors provide complete solutions in the industry, as our air compressor parts prove to be sturdy and efficiently fitting. Our total solutions approach improves productivity considerably by offering vital support and solutions. Our air compressor parts include supreme quality Dryers and Filters as we continuously advance our technologies to effectively meet your requirements. We ensure that your operations run smooth and efficient and we are very well aware that any compromise on air compressor parts will impact productivity. That is why we deliver only the best-in class air compressor parts like dryers and filters.


Compressed air systems could be best sources for energy savings. On the supply side where air is compressed, it is vital to utilize the right combination of compressors, air receivers as well as air dryers. Using industry standard accessories will enable the system to run more efficiently and effectively.An air dryer is an integral part in the air treatment system. Selecting the relevant air dryer as well as compressed air filter is very critical. BAC compressors air dryers are supreme quality treatment products that will considerably improve your entire air compressor system. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in this field is a key factor to the success of your compressed air system.are congue


Prevents erosion, corrosion and freezing of water in your air compressor.

  • Elimination of microbial contamination
  • Improved productivity


Air leaving a standard screw or piston compressor will usually have considerable water content, and a high concentration of oil as well as other contaminants. BAC compressors compressed air filters are efficient in removing contaminates from compressed air after compression has taken place.There are various types of filters, applicable for different pneumatic applications. BAC compressors produces supreme quality air filters utilizing our rich expertise and more than three decades experience in the air compressors manufacturing industry.


  • BAC compressors air filters effectively protect your equipment from dirt, dust, oil as well as water
  • Lower pressure-drop, saving energy
  • Considerably less clogging
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