Two Stage 2 HP Compressor Pump for Borewell

2 HP Double Stage Borewell Compressor

The new and improved BAC-TS-200 compressor is particularly designed for deep bore wells up to 800 feet. Two stage compressor means it compresses air in 2 stages leading to a higher pressure than standard compressors. These compressors have reduced discharge compared the BAC-D-200 but outclasses it in terms of depth. This model is most preferred in households where the bore depth is high. These compressors have proven operation up to 800 feet at optimal working conditions.

  • Heavy Duty Crankcase
  • Aluminium oil level sight glass
  • Shell moulded cylinders
  • Larger Fan Cooling area
  • Continuous operation worthy
  • Original SKF Bearings
  • Adjustable motor bed for aligning
  • Thick valve blades for enhanced life
  • IPL rings prevents excessive oil carryover
  • Long life fenner belts
Recommended water pipe size Total
Recommended air pipe size
Belt Size
100 – 200 Feet 1 1/4″ 1/2″ B40
200 – 1000 Feet 1 ″ 1/2″ B40

Oil Capacity – 300ml

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