Screw Air Compressor Manufacturers

Within few years of our screw air compressor launch, our range of  compressors have found many satisfied owners. Our rotary screw compressor manufacture range starts from 7.5HP to 60HP at the moment and we plan to expand our range to 100HP shortly. BAC provides both tank mounted screw air compressor manufacture units up to 20HP and floor mounted screw compressors manufacture from 7.5HP to 60HP. Most of the other screw air compressor manufacturers provide belt drive models which have a higher slip loss and quicker belt replacement times. On the flip side, BAC screw compressor manufacture are all direct drive models and therefore have more efficient power transfer and also saves customer from recurring belt costs. Features of rotary screw compressor manufacturers involve larger air oil cooler, <2ppm of oil carryover in the air, large inlet filter, magnetic easy access doors, noise reduction canopy foams, microcontroller, efficient pre-filters. BAC is one of the very few screw air compressor manufacturers in Coimbatore to provide a microcontroller for all our lower range of compressors at highly competitive prices.

Rotary Screw Compressor manufacturers

Oil-Injected Screw Compressor

We manufacture Oil-Injected Rotary Screw air compressor in Coimbatore

This type works on the same principle as an oil-free screw compressor, with the exception that the oil is injected into the compressor element, during the compression of the air. The oil injected in between will later be removed by the oil separator. Here there will be a small ratio of oil carryover along with compressed air.

Application of oil -injected screw air compressor is mostly in larger industries and workshops where high quantity compressed air is required. Oil injected rotary screw compressor helps prevent rust formation in compressor parts and make the compressor run smoothly because of oil lubrication.

Comparison of Rotary screw air compressor with Piston compressor

The performance and demands for both the compressor are higher in the market. When it comes to output and energy efficiency, rotary screw air compressor takes a leading role to replace the position of reciprocating compressor to stand top.

Compared to screw air compressor the reciprocating compressors are smaller in size, occupy less space but noisy. It can not be used where the Compressed air requirement is high. The advantage is that it is less expensive than rotary screw compressor

Screw air compressors are larger in size, highly energy efficient and run continuously around the clock without any problem. Unlike piston compressors, screw compressors make very minimal noise due to lower friction. Rotary screw compressor can generate higher volume of compressed air, so it is used in factories, industries, food processing units and in chemical plants. Cost of rotary compressor is higher but the maintenance cost is low compared to reciprocating air compressor.

We currently manufacture 2 variants of rotary screw compressors, one with fixed speed SD Series and the other is variable speed SVFD Series.

SD Series

SD series industrial screw compressor manufacturers

SVFD Series

SVFD series rotary screw compressor

  • Oxygen generation
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fabrication
  • Foundry
  • Food Processing
  • Automotive
  • Paper
  • Packing
  • Unique one piece rotor design
  • 100% Transmission Efficiency
  • Low running Speed
  • Rigid Piping
  • Efficient Prefilters
  • Microcontroller as standard
  • Large Coolers
  • Unicare Technologies, Chennai
  • LOTUS Ozone Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  • GEW Radiators, Mumbai
  • Sri Venkatsai Hrudayalaya Hospital, Tirupati.
  • Reynold Memorial Hospital, Maharashtra.
  • Ramco Cements Ltd., RR Nagar, T.N
  • Suntrion Trchnosol Pvt ltd, Chennai.
  • Mediheal Group Hospital , Kenya.
gew radiators
lotus ozone
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