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  • Effects Of Hydrological Drought

    Throughout India drought plays predominant role due to monsoon changes with low rainfall. It causes to the downfall of ground water level. If this monsoon changes persist the water level in the ponds, lakes, dams and other water resources area will affect due to drop down in water level. The year 2017 begins with dramatic weather changes affects most states of India.

    Survey report

    According to survey 256 districts being declared drought-affected area in India. In that Tamil Nadu comprising of 32 districts is also named as drought affected state due to poor rainfall received during the northeast monsoon.

    This summer season starts with a favor for drought. If this prolonged results in significant ground water deficits, it’s an doorway to hydrological drought. It makes ground water level to reach further depth, which causes farmers and ranchers, who depends on agriculture and pasture productivity face the losses.

    Borewell Compressor for Agriculture Purpose

    To overcome this and make use of groundwater, borewell compressor & submersible pumps manufacturing industries can provide the best solution to make use of the ground water available at 1000 feet and below.

    BAC Compressors along with its partner network is working to support farmers to educate them to make use of the existing irrigation methods and new innovation that is available to ensure the yield of the crop

    BAC Compressors – Borewell Compressor Manufacturers

    BAC Compressors one of the leading manufacturers of borewell compressor pumps in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu , India. BAC Compressors is an expert in the manufacture of compressor over 30 years by satisfying customer needs and implementing modern techniques to improve better efficiency at reasonable cost. BAC made its trademark in India by manufacturing borewell compressors and pumps over decades and provide complete solution to make use of deeper level of ground water. The design of borewell compressor are made with such aspect, compared to submersible pumps, the borewell compressor plays predominant role in agriculture with its salient features such as

    Features Of Borewell Compressor

    1. Easy to install borewell compressor

    2. Manufacturing cost is low

    3. Can function effective to the depth range from 50 feet to 1500 feet

    4. Installation cost is low

    5. Higher efficiency

    6. Maintenance charge is low

    Few drawbacks in borewell compressor

    1. High Noise level

    2. Lower discharge

    Role Of BAC’s Borewell Compressor

    In this competitive world, BAC borewell compressor provides a complete solution to survive the forthcoming drought with its highly compatible design of borewell compressor and makes agriculture to glow even in hydrological drought. We are proud to be part of the growth of Indian economy.










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