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  • Keys to selecting right air dryers

    The biggest enemy of any air compressor is the build-up of rust due to excess moisture content. Having said that, let us remind you that a corroded air compressor tank is literally a ticking bomb if left unchecked. One of the ways to remove excess moisture inside is by using sir dryers. As the name infers, air dryer is used to dry the compressed air. This way, the valuable pieces of machinery are protected from moisture and rust.
    Air dryer for the compressor sought to be chosen considering the amount of moisture which the tank can endure and the amount of moisture which needs be expelled from the compressor system. Remember the accompanying tips while determining the air dryer for your requirements.

    1. Know the temperatures – End use of the compressed air and the temperature at which the system works need be evaluated.
    2. Know the actual performance – A check on the actual performance of the units obtained in actual plant operating conditions is essential.
    3. Know the capacity – The capacity and maximum pressure should always be right for the air compressor. Refrigerated air dryers are economical considering the low energy consumption.
    4. Hidden costs arising due to extra pressure drop should be considered before the purchase. An air dryer might cause about 0.3 bar pressure drop; meaning you must run the compressor at high pressure.
    5. Installation of filter regulators is advised where air at low pressures are used.
    6. Optimum pressure dew point is another factor to consider. A correctly chosen air dryer will lower the pressure dewpoint such that moisture is turned to liquid which can be easily removed.
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